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TRiN combines transparent screen technology with custom made software applications to provide sophisticated interactive infotainment and cutting edge user experiences. It is a productised platform and solution for floating visuals and paves the way for countless possibilities whilst adding transparency to their range of products. In addition to bespoke software solutions, TRiN can also be used in combination with other Oculus Technologies products such as YachtEye and their 3D-engine room solution which visualises the realtime data of the technical core of a superyacht. 

As a productised solution, all hardware is selected and scaled according to the specific application, visuals and desired experience. For all TRiN applications, a pixel generating server is required. Oculus Technologies currently uses 55 inch screens for TRiN which can be combined as multiple screens and then laminated in a bigger piece of glass for larger application requirements. The screens, which are virtually transparent, filter out 30% of the light which feels significantly greater to the user. For applications where the transparent screen is also serve as a normal TV, an additional special film is applied. The screens can be installed as permanently visible interior feature or mounted on pop-up lifts for a more discreet design. 

Both YachtEyeTM and the 3D engineroom are already available to order on TRiN. 

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