Oculus Technologies B.V specialize in infotainment to enhance the onboard journey for the Yacht, Cruise and Aviation industries. The range of products, systems and bespoke solutions combine interaction with entertainment and information rich experiences and are specifically developed and designed for their relevant market.

The company, based in The Netherlands, was established in 2009, quickly developing recognition for their guest infotainment system, particularly in the superyacht sector.

Renowned for their expertise in software & design, Oculus Technologies boasts a fast-growing product portfolio and dynamic team focused on innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Give us a challenge and we will come with a solution! 

the team

Rob Schuurhuis  Managing Director

Rob Schuurhuis
Managing Director

Willem van der Gugten  Senior Developer

Willem van der Gugten
Senior Developer

Stefan van Cleef  Founder / Advisory Board

Stefan van Cleef
Founder / Advisory Board

Ivo Nupoort  Art Director

Ivo Nupoort
Art Director

Jeroen van Onzen  Lead Architect

Jeroen van Onzen
Lead Architect

Sarah Flavell  PR

Sarah Flavell

Zoë Tebbenhof  Sales Manager

Zoë Tebbenhof
Sales Manager


We are always eager to meet great and talented people who would like to join our team. Start working with us on our ever increasing client base, project opportunities and product portfolio. Please contact rob@oculustechnologies.nl if you would like to introduce yourself. 

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