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Why take unnecessary risks?

Drones are the latest security threat to superyachts. While cybercrime has been growing in the superyacht industry since 2017, drones attacks are becoming more frequent in 2019. These highly advanced pieces of equipment are being put to use for corporate and political espionage, but also as robo-paparazzi to spy on celebrities.

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Oculus Technologies has partnered with Nedshield, a leading Swiss-Dutch Defence company, to deliver a custom Anti-Drone Shield Protection solution.

What can you do with it?

  • Install within a week

  • Detect drones

  • Alert the crew via an early warning system

  • Create a disabling interference with the drone/s within the defined airspace

Our advanced solution is currently the only one in the superyacht market that can handle multiple simultaneous drone attacks and which can be used at the marina and on the open water. These so-called "drone swarm attacks,” are aimed at increasing the chances of drones to succeed in reaching their targets. In addition, for spying drones, we can cut camera/video transmissions immediately and protect your privacy.

Together with Nedshield, we offer a range of custom solutions to protect you and your loved ones to fully enjoy your super-yacht journey. Our solutions vary from portable rental equipment to sophisticated drone detection and mitigation solutions.

Do you wish for more information about cybersecurity or drone defense? Contact our team: Sales@oculustechnologies.nl


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