Save up to 80% Bandwidth

Oculus Technologies just finished an innovative piece of software, which allows their clients to reduce up to 80% bandwidth.


Both the YachtEye and VXCruise products of Oculus Technologies, use the highly 3D satellite map as base. With the Map Cache 2019 solution, the satellite map tiles get downloaded once and stay in the cache for 7 days. The benefit of this install is not only a more smooth performance of the map animations, it also reduces the bandwidth with 30-80% depending on your YachtEye usage. This solution includes optimisation for the local iPad’s that use the YachtEye Server.

“We developed this piece of software for our cruise clients, who aim to keep the bandwidth usage as low as possible. However, we have received more requests from YachtEye customers to have this as well,” said Oculus Lead Developer Jeroen van Onzen

To install the YachtEye Map Cache 2019 and to have more information about how to reduce overall bandwidth usage, please contact

Internet usage optimisation is a challenge on steady ground as well as on the sea.

Many technical solutions help you optimise, those usually include a variety of software and hardware combinations. If you experience high bandwidth usages and of the following questions, at least 1 of your answers is no, then there are even more solutions available to help you reduce bandwidth and we are happy to point you in the right direction.

  • Do you have any 4G bonding service or similar onboard?

    • It is a kind of service that by combining multiple 4G connections at the same time bonding them in one single high bandwidth data pipe you get a better connection.

  • Do you have an own Proxy Service or similar?

    • That gives you a secure tunnel from the yacht to a dedicated server that allows you to get internet even if there is no normal active connection on board.

  • Do you have services that help you manage non-essential traffic or reserving it for services crucial for basic operation?

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