"Oculus Technologies announces new CEO and growth ambitions for YachtEye"

Today Oculus Technologies B.V. has appointed a new CEO at the helm of the infotainment pioneer. "We are pleased to welcome Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen to our team effective May 15, 2019. She brings to our company a realm of technology knowledge and a keen eye for customer understanding. Over time, our customers have been clamouring for increasingly complex technological solutions, and Sylvia brings over the great combination of technical and product vision as well as a passion for design. We trust her experience is a perfect fit for the growth plans of our organisation", said Hans van den Berkel, senior partner of Oculus' holding group.


Sylvia, of Dutch and Spanish descent, and whose family is closely related to the yachting industry, was raised in Catalonia and has been an important player within the software market for the last decade. "I am delighted to join Oculus Technologies and especially at this stage of the company's growth plans. I am looking forward to working with all of you to keep bringing the best guest infotainment experiences to the luxury market." said Sylvia as to joining the organization. Sylvia started at IBM in 2000 where she worked developing custom solutions for customers like Port of Rotterdam. In 2007 she joined VBH and in the last 10 years she focused on businesses that had mobile at its core. Sylvia has been involved in more than 400 apps, several of which won awards, got featured or became the top grossing in the app store rankings. Furthermore her deep respect for entrepreneurs has brought her to be angel investor for bunch.ai and 8fit.com.

The Oculus team is a pioneer in 3D visualization of information. Their star product and market leader in its segment, YachtEye, has successfully been implemented in more than 100 superyachts. "It is a talented and ambitious team and I am impressed with the products built so far. Looking forward to further create personal custom solutions that embrace software, hardware and information." Sylvia said.

Oculus Technologies' main goals in the upcoming months will be to consolidate and foster the market penetration of its latest innovative features:

  • Explore: a 3D visualization of the yacht, displays all she has to offer. Think of a 3D visualization of your engine room, your safety protocols, tender garage, interactive safety module, and even your on-board art collection, among others.

  • Track your Assets: Always know where your assets are located with YachtEye Asset Tracker. Track your Tenders, Jetski and even your Helicopter or submarine in real time.

  • On-shore: Be able to securely view the 3D representation of your yacht and tenders in their current position and experience all Explore features from the comfort of your home or boardroom.

The Oculus team is also working on specific releases for the cruise industry and for mid-size yachts that will be the subject of future announcements.

Oculus Technologies BV is the maker of leading products in the navigation industry, including YachtEye in the luxury superyacht segment, as well as VXcruise in the Cruise industry. Oculus Technologies has its headquarters in Amsterdam and is involved in projects worldwide For more information visit www.oculustechnologies.nl

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