Press Release - The future aircraft cabin

Future Cabin.jpg

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. We are so used to having access to every bit of information we want within seconds, beautifully presented through our own personal smart devices. We expect this same level of visual presentation and instant access wherever we are and whenever we want it. And yet, even in the most technically innovative environments, we are often faced with out-dated and antiquated user experiences. Flying is one of the most impressive technical accomplishments our planet has seen and achieved and yet, once that fasten seatbelt sign goes on, we still find ourselves sitting back and watching the somewhat limited video selection on old-school screens with all flight information still being presented in a 2D, 90’s interface. 

We have been asked by AviationGlass & Technology to collaborate with them during this year’s Aircraft Interior Expo and EBACE. We have combined our strengths to develop what we perceive to be the aircraft cabin of the future, where Oculus Technologies’ software and design combine with AeroGlass technology to form an end result that will frankly blow away passenger expectations. We have created an environment focussed on technical innovation which seamlessly blends into the interior design of the aircraft and takes the comfort of flying to a whole new level.

AviationGlass & Technology, launched in 2012, specialise in the research, development and production of mirrors, transparencies and ornamental glass panels for commercial and business jet cabin interiors. The company’s patented AeroGlass portfolio creates the ultimate onboard experience by providing superior optical quality via crystal-clear (99.9% transparent) panels and mirrors. Research and development continues to be a critical area of focus for the company especially in the area of innovation and the integration of high-tech features into its product portfolio. 

We are very proud to be working together with AviationGlass & Technology to challenge the aviation industry to think differently and change the status quo. To experience this extraordinary innovation for yourself, visit us during the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg or at EBACE located in Geneva. To make an appointment during one of the exhibitions, please contact Zoë Tebbenhof:     


10-12 April 2018   |    Stand 2U04


29-31 May 2018   |   Stand L98