New Key Appointment: Joris Saat as Director of Projects

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Joris Saat as our Director of Projects. This key appointment and new position marks our continued commitment to investing in growth. It reflects our dedication to further strengthening our team with exceptional, experienced and qualified candidates inline with expansion into new market sectors and an extending product range.
Effectively immediately, Joris will be responsible for all project management within Oculus Technologies. Focusing on both existing and new projects across the superyacht and cruise industry, he will form an important internal bridge between the company’s front- and back-end operations. As the company continues to develop and expand, the need for smooth and efficient operational processes remain a key focus and Joris’s role will be fundamental to this. He will be responsible for ensuring that the company and its operations adapt effectively to the increasing demand for technology and innovation and in turn ensure that the highest quality customer experience is maintained.
Joris brings with him an impressive superyacht heritage. Prior to joining the team, he spent the last 10 years of his career at the renowned Dutch shipyard Oceanco as a Project Manager. His experience of large-scale and complex project management will be integral to his new role. In combination with his market-knowledge and his exposure and understanding of innovation, technology and the end-user, he is a valuable and strategic addition to the Oculus Team. 

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As we welcome Joris to the team, here is what he has to say about joining Oculus Technologies.

5 Minutes with Joris Saat


What are you looking forward to most with your new role at Oculus?

"I believe innovation in the yachting industry is still in development and therefore there is still a lot of opportunity for growth, expansion and new and exciting products and projects. Many yacht owners want to be amazed by and engaged with the very latest technologies available. In my role at Oculus I will be part of a growing and evolving innovative company and be part of bringing new and exciting technologies to our clients. I am looking forward to exploring the opportunities to strategically expand Oculus Technologies, with the right focus."

How will your extensive experience in the industry benefit your role?

"With more than 10 years experience as a Project Manager in the superyacht industry I have a very in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is needed to deliver complex projects. My goal is to apply this experience to develop the organisation and guide it through the upcoming growth and expansion within multiple market sectors."

What your role will involve within Oculus?

"As Director of Projects I will be responsible for improving performance, productivity and efficiency throughout the organisation. My focus will be to adapt the organisation to meet and sustain the increasing demand of technology and innovation."

Why Oculus Technologies?

"I had reached a point in my career where I was looking for a new challenge. One still  within the superyacht industry and one that would broaden my experience and knowledge. I knew Oculus Technologies from my time at Oceanco and I was inspired by their different way of thinking and refreshing approach. They were a company I became very interested in and am very happy to now be part of. Technology is becoming more and more important in everything we do and is set to change how we think about innovation on board of yachts, planes and other luxury transportations. I believe Oculus Technologies therefore  has huge growth potential and will become an important player in these industries."