Smart communication: Get Tracking, Get Interactive

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Ouer newest product solution is cutting edge innovation for yachting. A platform to connect the crew, owner, guests and yacht. An instrument to share and display information related to your surrounding environment, the trip and the yacht. It is yachting’s smartest communication tool and is being launched this year during Monaco Yacht Show 2017!

Last Monday, the industry had its first official look inside the world that is Smart Communication- the tool that enables information about the yacht and crew to be shared amongst those on board quickly and easily.  At the touch of a button you have access to technical data and details about onboard amenities & toys. You can use the secure chat feature to communicate directly with the crew straight from your phone. But what else can the product do?  This second look inside the features of this new solution shows that it really does offer you much more.

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One of the most extensive features has to be the map. It takes you way beyond simple geography. Of course, it features a detailed satellite map but what makes this really interesting is the integration of those extra details. Those related to all of your floating assets. And it doesn’t just leave it there. Create and share items yourself so that the innovation shows everything you want and need it to.


Tender Tracking

Do you want to keep track of your tenders and toys? No problem. As an owner or captain, this useful feature keeps you up to date of exactly where all of your tenders and toys are located at any given time. It provides peace of mind and valuable insight. And it doesn’t stop here. This feature doubles up as a service and safety tool. Guests benefit from knowing exactly when they will be picked up or can look to see whether the tender is already on its way.  Go a step further and this monitoring and tracking also promotes safety. Crew and parents can check to see that guests and children do not, for example, go too far away with the jet skis. And guests can head ashore with the reassurance that the chief stewardess is instantly available should they need assistance.

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Real-Time Position of All Assets

At any given moment see exactly where all of your yacht related assets are. The map shows the real-time position of you, your yacht and the tenders meaning you know and can see exactly where everything is located at that precise moment in time.


Create Your Own Items

Get interactive and get the map working for you. Add messages and information to markers on specific points within the map to directly communicate with those in the environment, whether you are on board or even if you have stepped off to go ashore. This unique feature allows you to instantly share your markers via the secure chat meaning communication remains seamless at all times. Crew can update guests with information such as ‘we will anchor here’ or ‘this is an excellent dive site’. For an owner or guest, it becomes a chance to not only share information but also work for them as a service providing tool: ‘Pick me up here’, ‘I need assistance’ or ‘add to itinerary’ etc.



This product is the tool that helps you see more. Tap in to its potential to give you access to and share endless information about your environment, securely and visually. See the real-time position of your yacht, tenders and toys. Visibly track everything you need to. Interact with the map. Share information. Communicate. Everywhere and always. Benefit from better service. Improve safety. Promote onboard efficiency. Open your eyes to new innovation on board.

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