Smart Communication: Realtime & Historic info about your journey

Our newest product, yachting’s smartest communication tool, will be launched during this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Last week we released details on the second major feature of this smart solution. The map functionality which gives you direct insight in to your surroundings. You can see exactly where you are in relation to your yacht, tender and toys. You can track these floating assets. You can draw routes. You can add points to the map. Further still, you can then share these directly with everyone from the yacht. But that is not where the insight ends. In this final edition of the product's key functionality ahead of its launch, we explain how it gives you even more insight into the journey. How it is a tool to handle real-time and historical data of your yacht and its tenders.


Imagine. You are on board a yacht. You might be a guest, you could be the owner. Either way, you want to know more. How fast are we going? What is the air or sea temperature? Where are we heading? Now imagine that instead of having to consult the Captain for these sort of details, you could get them directly on your phone, in an instant. The product collects of all this data from the yacht and its tender(s) meaning you can access it straight from your phone. So, don’t move from the sundeck, salon or your cabin and don’t interrupt your relaxation time. Everything you want to know is available at your fingertips! And not just real-time data. You can also see the historical speed and maximum speed information for each individual asset, making this feature particularly interesting for captains.

iphone journey info.JPG
iphone journey info tender toy 2.JPG
iphone data layers.JPG
iphone weather feature.JPG

There’s more. The data insight doesn’t stop there. You can also check the weather and see the sunrise and sunset times. Plus, the depth map lets you see how deep the water is in various parts of the world. And last but not least, using AIS-data layer you can see exactly which yachts are nearby at that moment.

With all of this useful information available on your phone, you can find out everything you need and want to know about your yacht, tender, toys and the surrounding environment whenever you want to. One clear overview without needing to ask crew to find it out for you. Continuous access to information, just as you are used to onshore, via your phone. Not only does this help onboard work efficiency, it aids communication, it provides insight and it promotes onboard service for guests and owners. 

Please contact us at if you would like more information or want to make an appointment during Monaco Yacht Show 2017.