Smart communication: Yacht and Crew information on your fingers tips

It’s official - Our new product innovation was released earlier this week. So what does it do? The solution connects the crew, owner & guests with the yacht and with each other. It is a platform to share and display information related to your surrounding environment, the trip and the yacht. It is the smartest communication tool you will find on board and is being launched at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Find out just how smart the solution really is; in three steps we present you all features and we unveil the truth behind this must have communication tool. Let’s get started with the first feature: all information regarding the yacht and the crew on your finger tips. How it promotes crew efficiency and onboard service by delivering essential information directly to your own phone?

Box & App.png

You’re on board a yacht. It might be your yacht or you may be a guest. Either way, you want to know more. Much more. It’s time to turn to this innovating product. With just a few clicks on your phone you can find out everything you need to know about the yacht, useful details related to your stay and important onboard information. From technical info such as year of build, vessel length, max speed and gross tonnage to details including the Wi-Fi password, day’s menu, wine selections and available toys and tenders, the product makes sure you know it all. Are you missing the personal touch? Absolutely not because now the crew have more time to focus on you. 

Do you charter out your boat or regularly have guests on board? Just imagine how useful this would be. Time can be limited on charter and guests do not have as much time to get to know the yacht and crew but this innovation makes life easier. Sharing information is effective and efficient freeing up time for crew to focus on delivering excellent service safe in the knowledge that with this product, guests are kept up to date with essential details on the facilities and available options. For guests, receiving valuable information is fast, relevant and available when they want it, at their fingertips. And the owner has the reassurance that their yacht and crew are providing for guests in the best way possible.

Crew no longer need to share contact information with each guest individually. Within this solution each crew member can create a personal profile including photo and background information as well as their contact details. Guests and owners alike then have access to this information, when using their own phone. In fact they can even contact crew members directly from their phone should they need to ask something or in case of emergency. The user simply clicks on the crew member they need and it opens up a secure chat window. A useful communication tool for crew, guests and owners alike. The chef can communicate the catch of the day, the chief stewardess can provide details about the trip and the guests can ask away if needed.

This new innovating puts you in direct contact with the key information you need about the yacht and its amenities. Not only does this help crew work more efficiently but also adds an extra level of service - guests have all the information they need, available when they choose. And if you are an owner, this product is the ally that helps makes sure you have access to everything you want to know about your own yacht!

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