Wanted: Captains & ETO's with experience in the 20-50m Yacht industry!

As mentioned in our first newsletter, Oculus Technologies is working on a new product innovation for yachts. After several months of brainstorming & development, we have come to a point wherein we need to test the innovation in the market.  

We are looking for Captains/Masters and ETO's, who have experience in the 20-50m (65-164ft) yacht industry and would like to be part of a technical innovation which improves the on board yachting experience. 

In the upcoming 2 weeks, we start the first trial phase. During the research we want you to play with the new product and we will ask you some questions about the innovation and the user profile. To make it as easy as possible, the whole research can be done with just a laptop, a smartphone and an internet connection. 

As Captain & ETO you have a lot of knowledge about the market. Your participation would help us enormously and as a big thank you for your participation, you will receive a nice Oculus present!

Please send a message to the project manager, Zoë Tebbenhof, if you want to participate in the trial. She will contact you to explain a bit more about the product and to make an appointment for the research.

zoe@oculustechnologies.nl           +31642648810