chase the sun and sail to your favorite destinations

Yachting and the weather forecast go hand in hand. When it comes to planning activities, scheduling trips and making decisions you want and need to have relevant and up to date information on the latest forecasts.

With this in mind we have upgraded the YachtEye Weather Module to make sure you can keep abreast of the very latest weather forecasts. The Weather Module shows an up-to-date 6 day forecast for any selected location, including your current position. When combined with YachtEye’s Itinerary feature the module also makes sure you know exactly what weather to expect at your upcoming destinations.

Any specific locations of interest can be added to your favourites. From your home town to that beautiful little beach in the Bahamas meaning the next time you are out on the water, you are just one click away from seeing if the sun is out at your favourite place. 

The below demonstration provides a visual insight into the upgraded module’s interface and features. Our design team has not only restyled the weather logos but also reshaped the lay-out of the module with more general and refined graphics. This new version of YachtEye Weather provides a clear, comprehensive and detailed weather forecast! 

The latest YachtEye Upgrade will be released on April 3rd 2017.  If you are keen to make sure you have the new release as soon as possible please contact us and we will make sure the new YachtEye is installed on your Yacht!