Partnership with Airbus

Last December Airbus / A3 revealed Transpose; a revolutionary new concept which radically changes both the business model of passenger aircraft operation and the onboard travel experience. Oculus Technologies is very proud to be part of this project in Silicon Valley. 

The video (below) explains the idea behind Transpose. "The concept breaks an aircraft's long, cylindrical body into identical and repeatable sections that can be customized to any load out needs", explained by Forbes Magazine.  The Transpose concept allows airline operators to optimize the interior layout according to the needs and profile of the passengers on each single flight. Transpose is the physical outcome of a new business model to operate aircraft and a giant leap to enhance the journey experience for each passenger on board.

A3, the Silicon Valley outpost  of the Airbus Group, challenged Oculus Technologies to create a cutting edge solution for the curved restaurant & bar modules where travelers are able to enjoy their meal and beverage. Oculus Technologies created a technological solution which is able to change the look and feel and ambiance of the restaurant.  Due this solution the module is instantly adjustable to any cuisine and to any commercial operator.  On the same day the restaurant interior can be a Japanese sushi bar while flying to Tokyo and a France bistro while flying back with AirFrance.  

We are very delighted and proud to be a part of this project which aims to define the future of flight and might radically change the way we will fly. We will keep you updated!