Oculus in Florida, come and meet us!

In March Oculus Technologies will travel to Florida. We will be in the area of Fort Lauderdale and Palm beach from the 12th of March to visit the Seatrade Cruise Global. And to visit our new demo center for the first time. Please contact us if you want to make an appointment during the show or to get a demo in our Palm Beach demo center.

During the Seatrade Cruise Global we will meet with partners and present VXcruise. This Guest Infotainment System integrates all kind of data such as detailed information about activities and hotspots on shore, a highly detailed 3D model of the cruiseliner, features to zoom in or out on the map to watch the itinerary, the possibility to click on other ships of the fleet to get inspired for future holiday plans & destinations and much more.


VXcruise gives the opportunity to create communication, to share information and to engage with passengers. On board the system can be displayed via TV’s, however to make it more interactive it can be transferred to personal devices or touchscreens on board. 

If you are the Seatrade Cruise Global or are around Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach and you want more information or a demo, please send an email to info@oculustechnologies.nl and we will make an appointment.