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Anti-drone Shield Solution

Harmful Drones want to drop a harmful payload on your yacht and/or take photos/films for surveillance, spying, and gossip. Protect your guests from drone attacks during their time on board!

Oculus Technologies has partnered with Nedshield, a leading Swiss-Dutch Defence company, to deliver a custom Drone Defense solution.

Multiple drone attack| Reactive Jamming | Reuse at Home


Protect your guests

The drone solution is able to create an ‘air-space’ around the ship to mitigate the threat of drones , it defines the threat in most likely locations such as coming in and going out the port, in narrow straits and at sea in the vicinity of other boats.

Permanent solution|Multiple Rental Celebrity solutions | Short delivery time


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On Tuesday the 17th of September, we will give a drone webinar at 4pm AMS time. We will share all ins and outs about this solution and there is room for all your questions.

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